The City of Kent Corrections Facility (CKCF), is a WASPC accredited 98 bed jail that employs 27 full time staff, including 7 Sergeants and 1 Commander. The CKCF operates under the Support Services Division of the Kent Police Department and is an attractive option for those who are looking for the opportunity to serve in a larger facility that has the family environment of a small-town jail. The CKCF is an indirect supervision facility which has recently undergone renovations to the staff areas and booking counter, added two new transport vehicles and hosts a number of progressive programs that afford our employees an opportunity to advance and grow in their careers. The CKCF offers competitive pay and benefits, significant training opportunities to support career goals, and a streamlined Corrections Officer to Police Officer track for those who are interested. The CKCF is a great place to start and grow your career!

  • Salary and Benefits
    • Starting pay: $73,510 - $89,409*
    • Education Incentive ($900 - $1,440 a year)
    • Accreditation Incentive (1.0%)
    • Specialty Premiums (3.5%)
    • Longevity Premiums (2.0% - 8.0%)
    • Instructor Premiums ($900 a year)
    • Bi-Lingual Premiums ($1,200 a year)
    • Up to 100 Hours Compensatory Time Bank
    • Up to $5000 signing bonus for Lateral Officers

    *Includes 1.0% Accreditation Incentive

  • Other Benefits
    • Specialty positions such as Field Training Officer, Administrative Sergeant, Programs Coordinator and Work Crew Coordinator
    • 4-10 hour work days with reverse shift bidding for low seniority first trimester
    • Generous annual vacation, sick and holiday hours
    • Sick leave incentive program
    • Holiday cash out program
    • Premium in-service training, outside training opportunities
  • Qualifications

    Positions in this class must meet Civil Service Rule and Regulations:

    • High school graduate or GED
    • At least 20 years old
    • US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
    • Must possess a valid Washington State driver’s license or be able to obtain one within 30 days of appointment
    • Must be able to pass a polygraph examination
    • Must be able to successfully complete all requirements of the WSCJTC Basic Corrections Officer Academy including defensive tactics within six months of date of hire
    • Basic first aid certificate and CPR certificate within first year of employment
  • Laterals

    Lateral Officer Hiring Incentives:

    • $5000 Lateral Hiring Incentive ($2500 first check, $2500 at completion of one-year probation)
    • Up to $1000 for relocation
    • Front loading of sick leave hours and vacation hours
    • Remote testing available for out of area candidates
  • CO to PO Program


    If you are exploring Corrections to gain experience for a career as a law enforcement officer, then we have what you’re looking for! Benefits include:

    • CO to PO has its own eligibility list which means that candidates are only testing against other interested Kent Corrections Officers
    • Candidates are not required to retest through Public Safety Testing
    • Your longevity with the city, accrued sick leave and vacation as a Corrections Officer all carry over to your new position as a Police Officer
    • Gain valuable and relevant work experience in the law enforcement field!


All uniforms, equipment and training expenses, including the cost of attending Basic Corrections Officer Academy, are covered by the CKCF.


Corrections Officer starting pay is dependent upon experience. Both sick leave and vacation time can be front-loaded with up to 40 hours each for qualifying lateral Corrections Officers.

Corrections Officer to Police Officer Program

Kent PD offers a unique program for any Corrections Officers looking to advance their career in law enforcement. If you meet the qualifications required, you will work for two years at the City of Kent Corrections Facility (1 year for qualifying laterals) then be eligible to test for vacant Entry Level Police Officer positions!

To apply for an entry level Corrections Officer position with the CKCF, interested candidates must test through Public Safety Testing.

Entry Level Apply

To apply for a lateral position with CKCF,
please click the link below.

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